QDRO (the what and how)

QDRO is the acronym for a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.  These types of specialized Orders are permissive under Federal Statute to allow for the division of a retirement asset (like a pension or a 401(k) account).  QDROs allow for a division of retirement assets where neither the spouse receiving funds from a 401(k) nor the spouse giving up the funds will be taxed or penalized by the IRS for the distribution.  However, there are very strict rules how a QDRO must be prepared and completed by the Court.

Unfortunately, many lawyers do not prepare QDROs or they "farm out" the work to another office or another business.  So, at the end of your divorce case, you're left with little guidance or options to get your QDRO completed.  Mr. Nordini completes the QDRO process for his clientele.  His experience in having completed the QDRO process and litigating QDRO issues allows him to assist clientele through the QDRO process (even before their divorce case is completed).

Because of all the rules in place how a QDRO must be prepared, this legal procedure is often times painfully slow to complete.  So, it's important that a lawyer starts the process while the divorce is underway. By not addressing the QDRO process, leaves clientele many months (if not an entire year) to wait for their QDRO money from an otherwise completed divorce. 

If your divorce decree provides for a division of a retirement asset, 401(k), 403(b), or IRA, do not hesitate to call Mr. Nordini to get the process started to prepare and complete your QDRO.

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