How much will this cost?

Only once you have completed your case, you'll know that the cost of your attorney had nothing to do with the outcome. So, you're much better off spending as little as possible on your lawyer, provided you have been sufficiently educated on fees.  The wrong approach to your case will not only be costly, but needlessly so.  The right approach should be affordable and result in a fair and equitable settlement.  If your case needs a trial, that is the usual result of one or both spouses being unreasonable or the lawyers not knowing how to be effective at settlement.


Most lawyers will set their fees and retainers after you meet with them.  Most lawyers would rather get you into their office, find out a little more about your finances prior to setting a payment requirement. It's not a coincidence that a retainer demand is set on an amount that the lawyer knows you have the ability to pay.  Lawyers that want to steer your case into their cookie cutter plan (expensive) will generally set a high retainer.


You should never allow a lawyer to pressure you into signing a retainer agreement without allowing you time and space to consider all of the issues and the fees involved.  Most divorce and custody lawyers know that your stress level is very high, you are not thinking carefully, and you will likely be asked to sign on the dotted-line at your first meeting.  Not a good idea.


The first interaction with Mr. Nordini will be a free phone consultation.  During the consultation, you will receive initial advice, strategy points, and formulate a plan on how you can best move forward with you case efficiently and effectively.  If Mr. Nordini believes that you and he would be a good fit for each other, he will personally email you a Legal Services Agreement for your review and send you his cell phone number.  At that time you are not obligated to hire Mr. Nordini.  Nothing is rushed, and you will not be forced into anything.

If you would like a free consultation and customized quote of your fees and get a good understanding how to best approach your case, call Paul Nordini at (630) 416-6600.