What should I do right now?

First, get informed about the process and how the whole thing works.  This website was designed to get you there and knowledgeable enough to make informed decisions.  So much of what you do in a divorce or custody case depends on having information that is both current and relevant. For example, if you know how an issue is typically treated in court, you'll know not to take an opposite approach in trying to settle with your spouse.

The issue is that most divorce lawyers provide emotional advice that's not best designed to avoid litigation.  I have found that many lawyers simply tell their client what the client wants wants to hear rather than informing the client what the client needs to know.  I have found that many lawyers are simply good and convincing a client to hire them despite knowing the client will be disappointed at the end of the case. Many of my current clientele came from other offices after finding out that they were either misinformed or had their expectations wrongly set by their lawyer. 


Knowledge is power in a divorce and the reality is that if you try to swim up stream (against what Judge would typically allow), you'll tire out, waste a lot of time, and it will cost you a lot of money.  So, the first step is to know more about the process and likely outcome, before it happens.  A seasoned divorce attorney that knows the "insider information" can give you the best advice to make sure you don't make bad moves in your divorce.

Right now, you should start tracking your finances, and if custody is going to be at issue, be prepared and know how the custody process works.  Having knowledge about the process is one of the most calming things that you can do to your case when it comes to custody because much of process is very automated. 

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