About Paul D. Nordini

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"Divorce and Custody Cases don't have to be ugly."  20+ year divorce lawyer, Paul Nordini, now assists spouses with smart and affordable assistance.

Avvo Rated "Excellent," Mr. Nordini is a 20+ year divorce lawyer and founder of Nordini & Thompson, Ltd.

Mr. Nordini was born of Italian immigrant parents in Chicago Heights, Illinois and spent his later childhood in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Instilled with uncompromising work ethic, he started working at the age of 10.

At the age of 18, Mr. Nordini enlisted with the U.S. Marine Corps and attended bootcamp in San Diego, California and later infantry school at Camp Pendleton.  He was designated with the MOS 0341. He attended Non-Commissioned Officers School and Jungle Warfare School in Okinawa Japan and has been stationed at bases throughout SouthEast Asia, Norway, and within the United States.


In 1990, Mr. Nordini started working with Ford Motor Company and within days, he was recalled back into the Marine Corps by Presidential Order to serve with a Special Operations Battalion during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  After the Gulf War had ended, he was stationed at Subic Bay, Philippines and survived the Mt. Pinatubo eruption and helped with relief efforts earning him the Humanitarian Ribbon.  He later received an Honorable Discharge at the rank of E-4 (Corporal).


Upon his return to Ford Motor Company in late 1991, he attained his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Michigan and later left Ford Motor Company to attend law school in Chicago.


In 2001 he graduated from DePaul University Law School, Chicago, and achieved a Doctorate Degree in Jurisprudence. Upon graduation, he worked for a short time clerking at high-profile boutique tax law firms, and later opened his own firm which grew to one of the largest family law offices in the suburban Chicago market.


He has since focused on a more personalized representation model bucking the big law office trend where spouses often would not be represented by the lawyer they interviewed.  Since then, Mr. Nordini has represented thousands of clientele and authored hundreds of articles touching on various legal topics.  He now practices law exclusively in divorce and custody litigation.


Mr. Nordini has written material for review in the United States Supreme Court, in Washington D.C., involving constitutional / custody issues, and he has been published numerous times in the DuPage County Law Brief with his articles touching on U.S. Constitutional safeguards, corporate law, custody and other family law issues. 

Recent results achieved by Paul D. Nordini:

In re the Marriage of K. - Mr. Nordini accepted a custody and removal case just weeks to trial.  Trial was conducted where a Custody Evaluator and GAL was against his client for custody.  Mr. Nordini was able to achieve custody for his client.  This case was then published within the Divorce Digest.

USMDS v ACB - Mr. Nordini's appeal was granted when the 3rd District Appellate Court reversed the trial court.  Mr. Nordini contested service of summons on a divorce client's foreclosure case, arguing that service was improper on a corporate owner.  The appellate court agreed and set new law on the requirements of serving summons on a foreclosure case. This case was then published in recorded opinions for the State.  


In re the Marriage of L. - Mr. Nordini appealed a trial court's ruling on the setting of alimony.  The appellate court agreed with Mr. Nordini's argument that statutory factors must be applied in every case.  Mr. Nordini's client's support amount was significantly adjusted.  This case was published as a Rule 23 Court Order. 


In re the Marriage of P. - Mr. Nordini took to trail a divorce case where the husband refused to pay alimony.  Several pre-trials had resulted in a Judge's recommendation of no maintenance.  After trial, Mr. Nordini secured alimony for his client.  This case was later published in the Divorce Digest.


In re the Matter of J v D. - Mr. Nordini accepted to represent his client's case with only three weeks to trial, where the Court's appointed expert was firmly opposed to his client on custody and residency noting that client had significant psychological impairment.  Mr. Nordini was able to convince the Guardian Ad Litem to switch the recommendation in favor of keeping residency with his client, and negotiated a settlement resulting in allowing the child to continue living with his client.

You can reach Mr. Nordini on his cell phone at (630) 306-6300.