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We are happy to announce that for three years in a row, we have been ranked 10 Best Family Law Attorneys in the entire United States by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.  

We have represented thousands of spouses and parents in divorce and custody cases.  Over time we have realized that there are inherent problems in the divorce court process that plagues families, encourages fighting, and making divorce expensive.

Fortunately, this can be avoided.

Our team has found ways to streamline the process and have created the articles on this this website to provide you with that information.  This information is typically only known to divorce lawyers and judges, but sharing it with you is important.

Everyone has heard of the "bloodbath" divorce or custody case that is often whispered between friends or co-workers.  You can avoid that type of messy divorce by making reading all the pages on this website. Doing what you should do, and avoiding what you shouldn't do is not always intuitive when emotions run high.

We offer a same-day free phone consultation.  In this phone consultation, you'll receive some initial advice, understand the likely outcome in your case, and know more about the process and get your legal questions answered.

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